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Book of Balder Rising cover

The Book of Balder Rising

Vril: Life Force 
book cover

Vril: The Life Force of the Gods

Folk Faith book cover

The Folk Faith of Balder Rising

Skalding Sagas illustration

The Skalding Sagas

Book 1: The Bully-High Lord of Uppsalahof


Skalding Sagas illustration

The Skalding Sagas

Book 2: Happy Yule to Y'All

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Vril: The Life Force of the Gods

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Vril: The Secret to a Happy and Successful Life

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The Book of Balder Rising, Barnes&, iUniverse, and other Internet book distributors

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Vrilology: The Secret Science of the Ancient Aryans

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Other Books by Robert Blumetti

The following books are not sold by or for the benefit of, nor do they concern, Balder Rising, but they are by the same prolific author, who specializes in fantasy, science fiction, and tales of heroic adventure.  Check for their availability at,, and


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The forces of Light and Darkness are at war for the possession of New Earth.  The prophecies of Lothar the Great are coming true, the Lord of darkness has returned to Allomania, and the White Stone has been found.  The magic stone has come into the possession of young Palifair of the Mark.  He and his friends are brought to Wissenval.  There it is decided that Palifair must take the White Stone to Lothangia and crown the Emperor Returned, who will forge an alliance of all Trueman nations against the dark Alliance of undermen.

The Return of the White Stone is the first book in Robert Blumetti's heroic adventure: THE NEW EARTH ODYSSEY.  He has created an entire world inhabited by trogs, dwarfs, trolls, dragons, and witches, who are waging a titanic struggle against the Trueman nations of Lothangia, Neutria, and Tillenia.  Blumetti has created a series of maps that help you follow the story's progress, as well as many illustrations.  Not since Lord of the Rings has such a monumental adventure epic been created.




Ironstorm is a science fiction set ten thousand years in the future, after mankind has successfully colonized the entire Milky Way galaxy.  Humanity has set up the Galactic Republic to defend their liberties, protect their way of life, and maintain peace and order throughout the galaxy.  But unknown to mankind, an alien conspiracy from beyond the galaxy has infiltrated their civilization and is slowly seizing power by taking possession of their bodies and destroying their souls.

Senator Sept Racher discovers the existence of the alien conspiracy, but he and his wife are killed.  His son, Stahl Racher, barely escapes and is rescued by a band of cosmic druids.  Stahl was badly injured in his escape, and the druids help to rebuild him, transforming him into a half-man, half machine being.  These druids are masters of the secret knowledge of how to harness and control the life force of humanity known as the Elhas.  Stahl grows up mastering the secret science of the Elhas, and becomes known as Lord Racher.  He learns that the only way to destroy the alien conspiracy is to return to the lost world of humanity's origin, Earth, and find an ancient temple where he can tap into the collective power of humanity's life force and use it to reveal the existence of the alien presence within the Galactic republic.  He eventually constructs a ship known as the Ironstorm, and leads a band of rebellion in his quest to find Earth.




The Lion is Humbled is a what if? and science fiction tale about an alternative history of World War Two.  Scientists from the future are faced with the death of Europe, which has been overrun by the teeming masses of the Third World.  They develop time travel, retrieve the most hated man in the world, Adolf Hitler, insert a micro-sized computer chip in his frontal lobes, and return him to September, 1939.  Within the microchip in his brain is the information needed for Hitler not to make the mistakes he did that caused him to lose the second World War.  The Lion is Humbled is the first in a series of books called THE THOUSAND YEAR REICH.




The Falin Crisis is a full-length novel in Blumetti's GALACTIC AFFAIRS series, wherein he created six alien civilizations, each with a history and culture:

  • Elamans, an insectoid species that set up the Elaman Hive.  They lack all emotions and live within a hive society not so different from an ant hive, by the philosophy "We live for the Hive, we die for the Hive."

  • Planetary Union of Sargon, a dwarfish species who worship their all-powerful, one and true god, Molock, who has promised them that if they live according to his laws, he would set them up as rulers of the universe.  The Sargonese seek to convert all alien life forms to their religion, the Universalist Church, through preaching, subversion, and even holy wars.

  • The Tallusan Confederation.  The Tallusans are a mystical race, a secretive species practicing a hedonistic religion of pleasure, joy and frivolity.  They have learned to harness great psychic powers, and guard their isolation from the rest of the galaxy.

  • Hykosan Empire.  Hykosans are a race of hulking giant warriors who seek to conquer as much of the galaxy as possible.  They rule over and enslave those they conquer, setting themselves up as warlords.  Their home planet Hykos was once conquered by the Elamans, and though the Elamans abandoned that world, the Hykosans burn with a blood-hatred of them and seek to restore their own honor by conquering the Hive.

  • The United Planets of Regulus.  The Regulans built a Republic on the belief that they are a superior species to all other aliens.  They submitted to genetic engineering and bred themselves into a species with superhuman physical and mental abilities.  The UPR expand into space with the purpose of settling as many planets as possible, exterminating all aliens there.

  • The Ellasan Federation.  The Ellasans descended from the Regulans, but lost contact with their home world in the distant past and developed their own civilization based on commercialism, individual expression, and representative government.

The novel opens with the Hykosans attacking and conquering the Falin System, which is part of the Elaman Hive.  The conflict between the two civilizations threatens to engulf the entire galaxy as the other major civilizations are drawn into the conflict.


Galactic Affairs Short Stories is a collection of six stories in the GALACTIC AFFAIRS series.  All six civilizations appear in the short stories, which deal with space exploration, colonization, diplomacy, wars, and genocide.  ˇ§Long Lost Cousinsˇ¨ deals with the first contact between the Regulans and the Ellasans.  ˇ§In the Heat of the Infernoˇ¨ is the story of how the Elamans conquered the planet Hykos.  The religious differences between the Sargonese and the Tallusans are explored in ˇ§The Combustion Of Faiths.ˇ¨  In ˇ§The Swarm,ˇ¨ you will learn how the Elaman Hive deals with less-developed worlds.  ˇ§To Sterilize the Wombˇ¨ deals with time travel, and in ˇ§Vermin!ˇ¨ you learn how the Regulans deal with alien cultures.


In What If?, Blumetti has used his extensive knowledge of history to explore alternative histories.  He has not strained the imagination, but rather tried to explore alternative outcomes that actually could have happened.  In 1769, Napoleon's parents almost fled Corsica to the American colonies, by way of England, but decided to remain on their island.  What would have happened if they had settled in New York City along with so many other Corsican refugee freedom fighters, who eventually fought in the American Revolution, in the Corsican Brigade organized by Alexander Hamilton?  Blumetti also explores what might have happened if the Germans had attacked Moscow instead of Stalingrad in 1942, or if the Japanese had entered the Second World War in 1940 instead of 1941.  What if the Allies in World War One were victorious in 1916, or if Bismarck had united Germany and Austria in 1866?  These and other counterfactual histories are explored in What If?


In this second book of alternative histories, you will discover what could have happened in American history if Lincoln had survived the attempt on his life.  Discover what could have happened if Germany had not declared war on the United States after the Japanese attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor, how the First World War would have played out if the Germans had not adopted the Von Schlieffen Plan and invaded Belgium in 1914, or if North America had been colonized by the Dutch instead of the English, as a result of the Spanish successfully invading England in 1588.  Read what could have happened if Germanicus had not died from his wounds in Germany, and instead succeeded Augustus as Emperor of Rome; under his leadership, there would have been no disaster at Teutoburger Forest; instead of Rome abandoning Germany, the Romans succeed in conquering and colonizing Germany.