A Modern Perspective on the Norse Religion

After twenty years of meditation and studying, Robert Blumetti has compiled a modern perspective on the Norse myths for anyone of European ancestry who seeks a personal connection with the Gods of their ancestors.  He has discovered a new understanding of the death and resurrection legend of Balder and its meaning for all people of European ancestry in the 21st century.  The Book of Balder Rising is a religious guide as to how the old myths can be a path to a new spirituality in the present age.  Blumetti's new understanding of the old myths is presented as a guide for personal and spiritual transformation.

FORWARD by Ralph Berger

Chapter 1   THE FOLK FAITH: 1) The Folk Faith, 2) A New Beginning, 3) The Rebirth of the Gods, 4) A Living Faith, 5) New Tribes Are Born, 6) The Folk Consciousness, 7)What is Vril?, 8) Why are We Here?

Chapter 2   THE GODS AND GODDESSES OF THE FOLK FAITH: 1) Our Gods, 2) Celebrating the Gods, 3) Bonding or Making Sacrifice, 4) What We Believe, 5) The Gods Speak From Within Us.

Chapter 3   IN THE BEGINNING: 1) The All-Father, 2) Ginnungagap, 3)Ymir and Audhumla, 4) Odin, Vili and Ve, 5) Yggdrasill, 6) The Creation of the World, 7) Mani and Sol, 7) The Wolves, Skoell and Hati, 9) Dwarfs and Elves, 10) The Creation of Man, 11) The Bifrost Bridge, 12) Giants, 13) The War Between the Aesir and the Vanir 14) The End of the Golden Age, 15) The Building of Asgard's Wall 16) The Meaning of the Building of Asgard's Wall.

Chapter 3   ODIN: THE ALL-FATHER: 1) Odin, the All-Father, 2) The Father of Gods and Men, 3) Odin's Appearance, 4) The Grim God of Evolution and Progression, 5) Odin the Shaman, 6) Valhalla and the Einherjar, 7) Sleipner, 8) The Wild Hunt, 9) Odin's Quest for Wisdom, 10) A Contest with Vafthrudnir, 11) The Tale of Grimnir, 12) The Wisdom of Loddfafnir, 13) The Worship of Odin, 14) The Walknot, 15) Rune Name Wodan, 16) The Valkyries: The Battle Maidens of odin,

Chapter 4   FRIGGA, THE MISTRESS OF ASGARD: 1) The Queen of the Gods, 2) The Stolen Gold, 3) Frigga Outwits Odin, 4) Fulla, Frigga's Maid, 5) Hlin, Frigga's Second Servant, 5) Gna, Frigga's Swift Messenger, 6) Other Maids to Frigga, 7) Gefion, 8) Bertha, The White Lady, 10) Easter, The Goddess of Spring..

Chapter 5   THOR: THE PROTECTOR: 1) Who is Thor? 2) Thor's Hammer, 3) Celebrating Thor, 4) The Contest Between Thor and Alvis, 4) The Golden Haired Sif, 80 How Thor Got His Hammer, 9) Thor's Journey to Utgard, 10) Thor and Utgard-Loki, 11) The Theft of Thor's Hammer, 12) Thor and Hrungnir, 13) Groa, the Sybil, 14) Thor and Geirrod, 15) Harbard the Gray-Beard, 16) The Worship of Thor.

Chapter 7   TYR: THE GOD OF WAR AND JUSTICE:  1) God of War and Justice, 2) Loki's Brew and the Fettering of Fenrir, 3) Hymir's Cauldron.

Chapter 8   BRAGI: THE GOD OF POETRY AND ELOCUTION: 1) The Essence of the Union of Heaven and Earth, 2) Odin's Quest for the Mead, 3) Odin Escapes with the Mead, 4) The Meaning of the Tale, 5) Bragi, the God of Music,  6) The Worship of Bragi.

Chapter 9   IDUN: THE GODDESS OF ETERNAL YOUTH: 1) idun's Golden Apples of the Life Force or Vril, 2) The Theft of Idun's Apples, 3) The Return of Idun, 4) The Goddess of Spring, 5) Idun's Fall into Darkness.

Chapter 10  NJORD: THE FATHER OF THE VANIR: 1) Njord and Nerthus: Twin Fertility Deities, 2) Skadi: Njord's Wife, 3) The Marriage of Njord and Skadi, 4) The Worship of Njord.

Chapter 11  FREY: THE GOD OF PEACE: 1) The Lord of the Elves, 2) The Woship of Frey, 3) The Worship of Gerd.

Chapter 12  FREYJA: THE GODDESS OF LOVE AND WAR: 1) The Goddess of Love and War, 2) Freyja, the Vanadis, 3) Freyja, the Seitherkona, 4) The Brisling Necklace, 5) The Meaning of the Brisling Necklac, 6) Freyja and Odur, 7) Hyndla.

Chapter 13  HEIMDALL: THE WATCHMAN OF THE GODS: 1) The Watchman of the Gods, 2) The Bifrost Bridge, 3) Heimdall, Loki and Freyja, 5) Heimdall's Names, 6) Rig, The Sotry of the Division of Mankind.

Chapter 14) FORESTIE: THE FOD OF CIVILIZATION: 1) Foresti, the God of Truth and Justice,2) Heligoland, Foresti's Holy island.

Chapter 15  ULLER: THE GOD OF WINTER: 1) The God of Hunting and Shooting, 2) The Winter God, 3) A God of the Dead, 4) Uller's Ship, 5) The Worship of Uller.

Chapter 16  AEGIR: THE ANCIENT GOD OF THE SEA: 1) The Sea God, 2) Aegir and Ran, 3) The Waves.

Chapter 17  HERMOD: THE MESSANGER OF THE GODS: 1) The Messenger, 2) Hermod's Ride to Hel, 3) Hermod and the Sorcerer.

Chapter 18  VIDAR: THE AVENGER OF ODIN: 1) The Silent God, 2) Vidar's Shoe, 3) The Prophecy of the Norns, 4) Resurrection, Rebirth and Renewal, 5) Worshipping Vidar.

Chapter 19  VALI: THE GOD OF ETERNAL TRUTH: 1) The Winning of Rinda, 2) The Birth of Vali, 3) The Meaning of Vali, 4) The Worship of Vali.

Chapter 20  THE NORNS: THE GODDESSES OF FATE: 1) The Three Fates, 2) Wyrd, the Norn's Web, 3) Guardian Spirits or Fylgie, 4) The Vala.

Chapter 21  HEL: THE GODDESS OF THE DEAD AND THE QUEEN OF THE NETHERWORLD: 1) Loki's Daughter, 2) Hel's Domain of the dead, 3) The Afterlife, 4) The Giver of Pestilence and Death, 5) Hel's Soft Side.

Chapter 22  ELVES: THE CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT: 1) The Realm of the Elves, 2) The Fairy Folk.

Chapter 23  THE DWARFS: THE MAGGOTS OF THE EARTH: 1) The Little Folk, 2) The Nature of the Dwarf, 3) The Tarnkappe, 5) The Ring of Power, 5) The Gifts of the Dwarfs.

Chapter 24  THE GIANTS: THE FORCES OF DESTRUCTION AND CHAOS: 1) The Opposing Forces, 2) Jotunheim: The Land of the Giants 3) Thor, the Enemy of the Giants, 4) Sutur and the Sons of Musspellheim.

Chapter 25  BALDER THE BEAUTIFUL: 1) The God Beloved, 2) Balder's dream, 3) Frigga's oath, 4) The Death of Balder, 5) Balder's Funeral, 6) Hermod's Ride to Hel, 7) Hermod's Return, 8) Vali Avenges Balder, 9) The Significance of the Story of Balder, 10) The Worship of Balder.

Chapter 26  LOKI: THE DOOM OF THE GODS: 1) Loki Unmasked, 2) The Binding of Loki, 3) The Nature of Loki, 4) Loki's Day.

Chapter 27  RAGNAROK: THE TWILIGHT OF THE GODS: 1) The Decline of the Gods, 2) Fimbulveter, 3) The Wolves Unleashed, 4) Evil Unchained, 5) The Armies Gather for Battle, 6) The Last Great Battle 7) The Devouring Firestorm, 8) The Meaning of Ragnarok.

Chapter 28  THE GOLDEN AGE OF GIMLI: 1) A New Earth, 2) Balder's Return, 3) Balder Restores Life to the New Age, 4) Balder and Hoder are Joined by Other Gods, 5) The Gods Rebuild the World, 6) A New Race of Man, 7) Balder's Resurrection.

Chapter 29  THE VOLSUNG: THE GOD-MEN OF THE FUTURE: 1) The Volsung Race, 2) Siegfried, Son of Sigmund, 3) The Meaning of the Volsung.

Chapter 30  THE ANCIENT ARYANS---THE TRUE ATLANTEANS: 1) Vril as the Agency of Evolution, 2) The Creation of the Ancient Aryans, 3) The Creation of the Siegfried Race, 4) Superior Aryan Technology, 5) The Great Flood.

Chapter 31  THE CHILDREN OF THE GODS: 1) The Indo-European or Aryan Peoples, 2) The Group Soul and Spirit.

Chapter 32  THE RUNES: 1) Runelore, 2) The Futhark, 3) The Essence of Runelore, 4) The Origin of the Runes.