Dear Bob,

On reading "What is Vrilology" you certainly made me think that perhaps the Armanen Runes are inferior to the Elder Futhark and also the former has links with Nazism. But then Guido died years before the rise of Nazism, so can he really be blamed or Madame Blavatsky, for that matter. I just don't know. Anyway, after reading "What is Vrilology" I must admit it answered many questions I had in my own mind regarding who were in fact the Aryans, the lost City of Atlantis, the origins of the Runes, the Giants (Anunaki) mentioned in the Old Testament etc etc .

You mention that a pantheon of Gods came down to teach humans how to harness Vril Energy. Were these pantheon of Gods just Teachers or did they actually mix their seed with the Humans (Homo sapiens?) to produce the Aryans who were in fact half God-Men? I'm sure there is some Biblical reference to this but, Christians refer to them (i.e these Gods) as the "Fallen Angels". I could be way off the mark here, but just wondering how far the association with the Gods and Humans went!!

Love your teachings by the way. I'm half Scottish-Irish and wasn't that sure if the Celts long ago practiced the Runes but you certainly helped clear my mind about that. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Dear Church Of Vrilology,

Hailsa! My name is Scott T.... I am 27 years old, and I currently reside in Alabama. I am writing to you today to see if you still offer the Yggdrasill Training Program, and how much it would cost to take it. I am also interested in Vrilology, and learning more about the Church. I have read all three of your books and I consider them the best Asatru/Odinist books out there at this time. I have started to recommend them to All Odinists that I have come in contact with.

Anyway thank you for your time in reading this and responding to it....

For Folk & Faith
Scott T

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the offer to correspond. I thought you might be interested in how I found your website.

I was a fundamentalist Christian until a couple of years ago. My 24 year old daughter became ill and suddenly in December 2007, with staph infection known as MRSA. She lapsed into a coma and passed away on December 20.

That didnít destroy my faith, but it was the beginning of the end. One day I was reading the Bible and read about how Jehovah "struck" King Davidís infant son and the baby died a week later. I was doing research and finally was no longer able to ignore things in the Bible about how Jehovah killed all kinds of innocent people. After losing my only child, I was unable and unwilling to worship a god like that. That plus things Christians would say like, "your daughter went to hell because she didnít go to church." I donít believe there is a hell, and if there is, I would prefer to go to hell and be with my daughter than go to heaven with Christians.

I still believed there was a god or gods, so I started searching for information on the Internet about the Norse Gods and Goddesses. I was always drawn to the myths. I was fascinated by them when I was in elementary school. So I started trying to find information on the Internet, and was surprised to find people out there who worshiped them.

So I am trying to learn what I can while trying to get rid of 20 plus years of Christian brainwashing. Thanks for writing.

Jack M.

Dear Bob,

Thanks for your kind words. One thing that has helped me through the bad times is the runes. I remember reading in Vrilology about chanting the Runes. I was really despondent one day, and without knowing or expecting anything to happen, I started chanting "Wunjo." Even though I felt silly at first, I have to tell you it did me a lot of good. So I am trying to put the Runes in use in my life. I also lately have started meditating or thinking of the Gods on specific days, Tyr on Tuesday, Odin on Wednesdays, for example. I canít say I have had any of them talk to me, but on Tuesday an image of Tyr represented itself in my mind. And at times when I have tried to speak to Odin I can see him holding out a rune to me as if he is trying to tell me he has given me what I need. I sort of feel like Iím taking my first steps into a new world.

Jack M.

Dear Bob,

What a great letter. I could not do better. You have a profound understanding of how the universe works.

Ragnar Storyteller

Hail to you!

I am a young boy 16. I have recently left my Christian faith because it is so much to handle they speak of turning the other cheek and then stab and steal and fight their own kind just to get ahead of other religions. Since I have newly been converted, I am having a hard time finding things on the web about religion. I know much of the history of Odin, Thor and Tyr whom I worship, but I have a problem finding rituals and holidays on the web. ...if you could shed some more insight on the religion and holidays it would be very helpful.

Jerry T. (California)

Hello Bob,

I, too, experienced an epiphany in my life twenty-one years ago, having to do with shamanism....Your website intrigues me, and I look forward to learning of your Church...My loyalties remain with the northern tradition, and discovering its history and true ancient lore, aside from mythology, but including the interpretation of such. I have just recently learned that the Asatru movements are quite similar to the northern tradition, except for the "Neo" segments which include "period clothing," war games, the similarity of Indo-European priests, and "Blots," which began as an ancient animal blood ritual, and have become a fest of over-doing alcoholic intake.

Recently, I have developed a feeling that I should be using my gifts, as they were intended. I have been searching for a Runic/Mystical Group to join, and have investigated several...I have enjoyed our conversation, very much, and look forward to more of the same.

Jackie T.

Hello Bob,

Thank you for sending me the annotated The Field.
We are moving into new territory, a new paradigm, a new way of interacting with Life.

So far this sentence sticks out:

(Even the Gods are a mixture of order and chaos--they are part Giant--think about it--we cannot grow and evolve if we do not have problems in our lives that we must overcome and thus learn from them. The danger is we do not overcome them and learn nothing from the struggle, but instead--submit and surrender to chaos.)

I have always viewed life as an obstacle course, a problem-solving reality. We humans derive the meaning of our lives from the obstacle course confronting us. The obstacles are different for each of us, but the need to overcome the obstacle, to learn from it and thus grow, that is paramount. Some obstacles are relatively simple, others are far more complex. In our quest to understand ourselves an the world, and to overcome our problems and achieve "knowledge", we have the use of a specific tool set native to our European people. We as a European people have a distinct morphic field vibration. We form a distinct Innangard/entity within Midgard as well as the vastness of Cosmos. The runes are our unique and distinct spirit-power inheritance; our spirit tools to use wisely in order to overcome our obstacles and thus achieve "knowledge". This may well take the form of an "ordeal"--analogous to Odin hanging from the Tree for nine days and nights to "discover the runes", i.e. to remember them, to use them, in order to achieve the release from the "problem", in Odin's case the problem of hanging from the Tree. What if Odin had failed and not succeeded? Chaos would have won the day. Odin overcame his ordeal, and won the knowledge of the runes for his folk in perpetuity. That's his gift to us.
Now it's up to us to use the runes to solve our own personal problems and challenges; to find the way through our own personal obstacle course and thus, in the process, to gain real knowledge.

Best regards,

Hello Bob,

I am ready for the Level Three course.
What is the current cost?
It's in digital form, correct?

My current practice is steady and strong. The past year and a half has been very difficult, yet it all seems to be for a reason...like a decree of the Norns. My efforts and work somehow didn't merit fruition? That's been hard to live with and work through....

However, several very interesting events did happen. After [some personal difficulties] I ritually burned up the vision board I had started of our future. At night I burned it in a bucket, then poured water over it and finally emptied the contents over the Aegishjalmar symbol I had made of nails driven in the ground and painted with fluorescent paint. Very cool effect at night...and good for outside work. The next morning I found [a] remnant at the very center of the Aegishjalmar.

It had survived both fire and flood, and literally landed in the bullseye. Strange but true. This powerful sign gave me the requisite courage to continue. At the same time I received the inspiration for a new business venture, which I acted upon...(it)is successfully established and making money. In 2011 I will be expanding it and establishing local versions of this all over the country. This victory, in the face of deep disappointment and crisis, plus dangerous financial stress due to reduced construction business, has been heartening - a big plus....

To me this past year plus has been a giant stress test and reality check. It's not easy to lose the golden opportunity you've worked for so long....and at the same time I have the inner confidence that it's all going to work out for the best. I just deepen my practice, ritual work, rune study etc. I feel like it's all for a reason, that this had to happen in order to push me deeper.

Now this is where the quantum paradigm comes into play. It's as if we can focus on the runes now within a very different paradigm. And that's the key. It brings Rune work into the 21st century. The runes endure, while the context changes.

Real initiation is the awakening to this realization. Real mastery is actually proving it in a very demanding and difficult Nauthiz obstacle.....to obtain victory by overcoming a difficult obstacle through the awakening and practice of Quantum Runes is a graduation into a new level of consciousness-being.... The obstacle is the challenge, the test, that if successfully resolved become the means to a conscious level of Vril Meistery...to fail is to risk falling into chaos...to win is to earn a new life and calling...but real Nauthiz is not child's play....You mentioned that in your email about The Field. That is a helpful article. Thanks for putting that together.

Onwards and Upwards,

Sent: Saturday, January 08, 2011 7:31 PM
Subject: book

Hello Robert,

Your latest book 'Vril, The Life Force of the Gods' arrived today. I started on it and it looks like your best so far.
Most new age folks are into the 'quantum consciousness', yet resolutely disapprove of racial consciousness and racial identity. I imagine that you cover this in the book. For most new age folks race is part of the old Newtonian world. Yet, they also advocate for ecology, saving the endangered species etc, never realizing that the human race has its own diversity.

The Quantum Key e-book is very strong on the physics of quantum physics, and how that connects with consciousness. The author talks about chaos vs order. He mentions that chaos contains an implicit order. This is similar to the chaos of a fuzzy TV screen. It looks chaotic, but there is some kind of order already within it. To my mind Odin hung on the World Tree for nine nights (not in human time) and discovered the runes. He used these to create a realm of order in the universe. We as his folk may use these power tools of consciousness to create order out of chaos here in Midgard. The other races were founded by other gods? Interesting to think about.

I'm enjoying the book.


These from a father and daughter:

Goodwill Greetings Robert Blumetti. For the first time since the seed of paganism sprouted within my soul on Yule, 25 2008, I gave decided to make first contact via flowing ink and paper.

First a short introduction. By the graces of the living Gods and Goddesses I am the Folk Father of five sons, four daughters, one grand-son and two twin grand-daughters. We celebrate many Wunjo Ber-Dagaz every year.

We gift you with a pair of waffle weave cotton bath clothes woven on our home-made Swedish counter-marche loom.

The only other contact with another pagan was via e-mail and a few phone calls. He's a dedicated determined warrior. I told him last year that I did not want - or rather - our youth do not want the old defeated Wotan and Rituals of over a thousand years ago.

I boldy declared . . I want a brand new Wotan for this time . . Not a Wotan who was weak from superstitions that gave way to Christ-insanity. I made it plain and clear that I do not want to resurrect fossils for rituals that was defeated long ago.

To my surprise he agreed with me. I also declared that we cannot re-live the past. . . the Sun does not shine on yesterday.

During the first week of Horning 2008, I had my first vision in my bedroom upon waking. I saw complete darkness and blackness except to my lower right I saw a cluster of white crystals pointing in the direction towards the center of darkness. While in the realm of the vision I heard M-Lady walk into the room and I said out loud, "I see white crystals!" Two Dagaz later I had the same vision, except this time there were no white crystals on the lower right view, but rather, on the lower left the word NORD appeared carved in white crystals. As soon as I read the word NORD it slowly faded away and as it did so just under the word Nord another word faded into existence . . WIND carved in the white crystals. After I read the word WIND ane realized "NORD WIND" the vision of the white crystals faded away. I feel holy confidence that I do not need to explain the meaning of the message behind the vision.

At first I did not understand the vision. Slowly but surely the intended message from the Gods manifested itself to the harp strings deep within. O my soul!

My eight-teen year old daughter just came down from upstairs to tell me she has read some of the articles on your website. She was excited.

In our Folk family father home, Balder is waking up, and slowly but surely rising. In our home we sing new songs of pure pagan delight. It's time to fill the barrel with some more quality catfish noodler's ink. I love flowing ink. Now that's better. Ink that flows like a mighty river of the soul. I love fountain pens.

May the thrill of Vril consume your soul in all your holy endeavours.

Send-Wyrdly Yours.
Dear Robert Blumetti,

Wunjo greetings to you from my awakening soul! After reading just the homepage of your website I became immediately excited as it sent chills throughout my entire being; and commencing to read even more that excitement turned into pure flames and I was smiling all over. Many times these words chorused in my mind. That's what my dad says. And, indeed, even though the wording differs, the meaning is clear; I know right then, this is what I seek! Not only will I read about the Vril, but I will live it, experience it in my everyday life. I still have more of your website to read and I am impatient to continue. The essence of Vrilology has granted me energy rarely known before in my short, yet memorable, eighteen Jeras past.

Recently, this year, and part of the last, since my path to paganism in many forms, I have pursued my inner desire and dream, to be a seamstress; and along this journey I have felt something wanting. My path to paganism was being paved before my eyes for a while, then it stopped. Until this week! Especially today. What engrosses me the most, so far, is Runic Physics.

I have been studying the Elder Futhark since 2008 and it still amazed me to understand and witness the Cosmic lock of the Runes harmonizing. After seeing vague appearances of Runes all my life, including the ones in J.R.R. Tolkien's stories, and Nancy Drew, I wanted to learn more. But that, in my younger years, was an idle curiosity; now it is a manifested connection to the energy of fire and ice, and to the energy of the Runes. What is it like to be fully awakened? I asked myself, and after I read about Vrilology, that question changed to "Let's Awake!"

I do not exaggerate my experiences, for they are true essence of my soul on paper, so when I state that I am amazed, take my word for it sincerely. I am eager to participate in the Fresh Rituals of todaand the future, as my family and I have done for Yule last Jera, with other youth. Well, sadly, this letter shal end shortly, but not our future comradeship, for that I am sure. I am still young and learning, ever-changing, but this is where my heart is constant, the Laws of nature, the natural Energy of Vril.

I bid you farewell and Sweet Tidings,