Breidablikk meetups via have been discontinued.

photos of gatherings 2008-10

photos and video 2005-8

Notes on locations:  Early in the 21st Century, events of what became the Church of Balder Rising — lectures, meditation sessions, practice in Seither and Galdor science, celebrations — were held at ad hoc locations in northeast New Jersey — hotel and library meeting rooms, meeting halls.  Later we gained the use of grounds at our mailing address.  Within a year after Ralph Fucetola and Kathy Greene moved to that location in 1996 along with the Lifespirit Church, Rev. Ralph had built in the glen below the parsonage the first of what turned out to be a series of rune circles — a medicine wheel where he would meditate...
1997 medicine wheel, photographed 2004
A sensitive, Robert Youngman, found an energetic spot in the glen that animals seemed to sense as well.  Although that exact site was not suitable, a fire circle particularly favored by Rev. Kathy was inaugurated near it on which would eventually be constructed a second rune circle, and then a third close to it, as seen in the pages of photos linked above.  Rev. Ralph also built an open-loop path over which one could walk the Futhark around the parsonage.  Close to those locations, Vril Lord Will DeVito built with his own hands a mead hall whose interior may be seen in the photos.

The Church of Balder Rising has come a long way in facilities. We have acquired a permanent home in the NY-NJ-Pennsylvania region and have built a Great Hall there.

Shown below is Balder Rising giving thanks with friends in November 2016 at a restaurant. Black Forest Inn 2016

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