Everything in the universe in made up of atoms, even the human body. There are 50 million cells within the human body. Each cell is made up of molecules and our molecules are made up of atoms. It is estimated that there are 7 billion billion billion atoms in the human body. About two thirds of these atoms are hydrogen atoms. Hydrogen atoms made up about 90 percent of all atoms in the universe. To understand the proportions of an atom, let’s say the proton within the hydrogen atom is the size of a tennis ball. The electron orbiting it is another tennis whirling about it at a distance of 200 miles outward. But what is amazing is that the electron is not always there because it is flashing in and out of our universe. It is this orbiting action of the electron around the proton that captures and harnesses Vril energy and gives it is frequency unique to the type of atom it is.

    The hydrogen atom is truly a wonderful object because it has a single electron orbiting a nucleus of one proton. The magnetic Resonance Imaging, known as a MRI, can measure the way different concentrations of positively charged hydrogen protons vibrate within the human body after being subjected to a powerful rotating magnetic field. Whenever we look at the electron it flashes conveniently into view. In its true state it is a blur-like wave or strong, but whenever we look at it, it changes its reality into a ball-like object that we refer to as a particle, or sub-atomic particle. The reason for this transformation is that when we look at it it is actually aware of our observation and makes itself easier for us to observe it because of its sensitivity to our thoughts. But what is most interesting is that we are made up of these transforming atoms and whenever we look at ourselves, they are forming themselves into solid objects. So–are we really entities of energy that are being transformed into solid objects when the atoms become aware that our consciousness is observing them? Is there consciousness within the atoms?
    Remember, atoms are made up of Vril energy, 99 percent or more is made up of Vril energy, which is the Life Force of the Gods. Thus, the atoms are the Gods, or the realm within which the Gods dwell—Asgard!
    Now, back to the atoms. The electrons within our atoms come from somewhere else. They are actually wavy lines or strings, vibrating sound frequencies, that come from large wavy lines or strings, or what is known as superstrings. No one knows where superstrings come from, but we can hypothesize that strings (or waves) are to humans what superstrings are to the Gods.

    If we examine our inner space, we discover that it is very much like outer space. It is really made up of vast amounts of nothingness, but that’s not exactly correct. For the nothingness is actually made up of Vril energy, both within the inner space of our bodies and the vast distances of outer space. We know that energy and matter makes up less than 5 percent of the universe and that the rest of the universe is made up of what science refers to as dark energy and dark matter (Vril).
    But let’s get back to the atom. Atoms actually “talk” to each other. How they preform this feat is still a mystery, but it has come to be described as “entanglement” as the scientific community. But just what is entanglement?
    When we observe an electron, it settles into a spinning rotation around the atomic nucleus in one direction. The direction appears to be random. Entanglement occurs when a twin atom’s electron instantaneously spins in the opposite direction. Thus, if one spins clockwise, the twin spins counterclockwise. What we must be clear is that one atom does not cause the twin atom to spin in the opposition direction, because that would imply a time delay. Entanglement happens instantaneously, together in unison outside our known dimension of time.
    This phenomenon has been tested in the same laboratory over and over, but what really amazed scientists has been the same result happening when tested over longer and longer distances. This has lead them to conclude that entanglement is only a phenomenon that exists outside our known understanding of time, but it is also independent of distance, which is now referred to as a non-local event. The conclusion is amazing. Entangled electrons exist anywhere in the universe, even when separated by millions of light years, and yet the entanglement happening is not weakened by distance. It is as if distance does not exist.
    The sub-atomic world of electron behavior give credence to the belief that psychic abilities function on this level of reality, which is the realm of quantum physics. This is the realm of higher consciousness in which the Gods dwell.

    Rupert Sheldrake, a British evolutionary biologist, has come up with an interesting theory that explores the existence of morphic fields. These are invisible energy field of information that all living creatures possess. They are made up of what we refer to as Vril energy and are part of the extended Soul that we explore in Vrilology. Sheldrake believes they exist in a dimension apart from the physical realities of the known universe, and thus they possess quantum qualities. These fields interact with each other among different individual members of the same species and are the reason why flocks of birds fly in coordinated formation or why fish swim in schools turn spontaneously with any of the hundreds of individual members colliding into each other.
    Sheldrake theorizes that these living fields exist in the past, presence and future simultaneously and govern both human and animal behavior, forming a living matrix upon which the physical bodies are formed. Thus, this would fit the description Vrilology gives of the physical body existing as one of many parts of the Soul.
    In the world of medicine, there is the image of the caduceus that is commonly used as an emblem used to denote the medical profession. The caduceus is a rod with the twin serpents entwined on the rod, climbing towards spreading winds that signifies the Greek god Hermes (Mercury to the Romans and Odin to the Norse). The caduceus can be found on many medical logos and even used to denote communication and travel. It has been used for many centuries by many diverse people, including the Sumerians over four thousand years ago to represent the emblem of their god, Enki, the Lord of the Sacred Eye (Odin)and by the Greeks as a symbol of healing. It has been used by alchemists, such as Sir Isaac Newton, as a symbol representing the power of transformation.


    The intertwining serpents also look every much like the coils of electricity that one notices in the Tesla Coil that Nicola Tesla invented and claim could harness infinite amounts of electricity and send it over vast distances. The coiling serpents also represent the twin coils of energy (kundalini fire) represented in the diagram representing Chakras or Hvels. Our spiritual, mental and physical well being depends on the unfettered movement of Vril energy through the body and its passage through the nine Hvels, representing the nine worlds of the Yggdrasill. The image of Vril energy coiling down and up once more along the cosmic axis of the Yggdrasill that the human spinal cord represents, is seen in the caduceus, coiling about each Hvel and then reaching the upper most realm of Asgard, which is depicted as the open wings, denoting the highest obtainment of higher consciousness, and thus, oneness with the Gods.
    We can seen this process clearing in the image of te caduceus, as the twin serpents wrap around the Hvels, controlling the flow of Vril energy entering and exiting each Hvel. This process is rooted in the universal principle of Male-Force and Female-Form. The twin coiling streams of energy is the female form wrapping itself about the male force of the rod or staff. It is interesting that in the Norse cosmology, the first man and woman are described as being created by the Gods from living trees (representing the Life Force or Vril energy) and are named Ask and Embla. Ask is thought to be the ash tree and Embla is the elm tree. But some believe Embla is actually a vine that grows by wrapping itself about the trunk of a tree. This would fit nicely with the symbolism of the caduceus and the relationship between the universal principle of Male-Force and Female-Form.
    Our health depends on the continuous and uninterrupted flow of vril through the Hvels and throughout the body. This can be achieved by maintaining a balance of forces, by cleansing one’s Orlog, and thus creating harmony throughout the body. We need to understand the flow of this energy through the body and how it affects every cell, gene and atom.
If you examines the shape or model of the DNA you will discover the similarity between it and the caduceus. But interesting enough, the DNA strand also resembles a series of Dagaz runes aligned side-by-side. It can also resemble a variation of the Ingwaz rune.

    Ingwaz represents Frey, the God of fertility and thus DNA, while Dagaz represents enlightenment. Once again, the combination of these two Runes represents the principle that the Gods dwell within us. If we remember that the double helix of caduceus represent the flow of Vril energy into us, moving down the spinal column (Yggdrasill) and then undergoing transformation at the junction where the bottom two Hvels (Niflheim and Musspellheim) are located, it then flows back upward through through the spinal column, undergoing additional transformation as it passed through each of the other seven Hvel, representing the other seven worlds of the Yggdrasill and then is disseminated throughout the spirito-physical matrix of the Soul. We can see that within DNA, which possesses a form similar to the variation form of Ingwaz and Dagaz, is behaving like billions of tiny superconductors, or collectively, as one great superconductor.
    Briefly, let us describe just what a superconductor is. “A superconductor is a substance that conducts electrical energy incredibly fast because there is little or no resistance.” For instance, if you freeze mercury at 269 degrees C below zero, it loses all its electrical resistance and becomes a superconductor. Other elements, such as tin, aluminum, titanium, zinc and tungsten, also become superconductors when frozen at extremely cold temperatures. Science began to look for a superconductor that functions at a warmer temperature so that they could be incorporated into computers, making them extremely fast.
    Scientific American magazine ran an article in 1995 describing how a strand of DNA became ten thousand times more conductive in the presence of the superconductor ruthenium. Additional experiments demonstrated that a combination of DNA and carbon coated rhenium, another superconductor, achieved this state at room temperature. Thus, when DNA is extracted from a living being, dried and added to a superconducting compound it appears to enhance the compound’s superconductivity at temperatures nature prefers. Thus, we can speculate that when DNA is nestled cosily in its friendly environment within the nucleus of a cell, it behaves as a superconductor, acting as a balancer of opposing magnetic forces, allowing another dimension of energy (Vril-the Life Force of the Gods) to enter into its midst.

    Vrilology believes that Odin spoke three Runes into Balder’s ear as he laid dead on his funeral pyre. These Runes were, Dagaz, nauthiz and Ansuz, and they were the runic formula for Balder resurrection and with this resurrection, the rebirth of the Gods. Dagaz is enlightenment that one achieves with Vrilology (a thorough understanding of Galdor magick), Nauthiz, the need to reestablish the connection or bond between the Gods and their children, and Ansuz, the state of spiritual ecstacy one achieves with the ability to communicate with the Gods. The secret of achieving this state of higher evolutionary consciousness in rooted within our DNA, a realm where the Gods dwell. If we accept the notion that our DNA is an advance form of superconductor, generating Vril energy throughout the spirito-physical body or Soul, then we can understand the principle behind the runic formula that Odin spoke to Balder.


    If we examine closely the structure of DNA, we discover that only 10 percent of our DNA is directly involved in setting the genetic structure of our bodies. Scientists have puzzled over the function and purpose of the other 90 percent and has labeled it “junk DNA.” Many hoped that this mystery would be solved once we had completed the Human Gnome Project, and while this pioneering research has revealed much about the nature of our genetic heritage and nature, we are still in the dark as to the purpose of “junk DNA.” But we are slowly beginning to view beyond the mere chemistry of the DNA and its mathematical coding, into a world of quantum dimensions, a realm where the Gods dwell.
    For a long time, scientists in Russia have examined DNA with a more holistic vision. They have examined its nature from outside the box, so to say, by exploring the electrical and vibrational qualities instead of just exploring its chemical nature. With the understanding that light is necessary for life, their research has revealed that DNA molecules respond to photons of light. Their research has lead them to claim DNA molecules actually receives, harmonizes, stores and transmits light. This is done mostly in the blue spectrum of color that we see in the rainbow, which corresponds to the fact that it is the same shade of blue as the sky.
    What is interesting about the nature of light is that its smallest particles or quanta can also be considered to be waves that travel at the speed of light, but stranger still is the issue of color. A red rose is not red because its surface is red. When light shines on a red rose, the red color of the spectrum is reflected. It is this reflected red light that we see when we look at a red rose. The rest of the color spectrum is absorbed. With white objects, all colors are reflected and thus white objects tend to be cooler because they are reflecting the heat of the light. Black, on the other hand, absorbs all colors and thus is hotter because it is absorbing all the heat of the light.
    Light has healing qualities that can have a positive effect on the body because it is energy that enhances the healing process. Russian research has shown that our DNA, which acts as a receiver and transmitter, is involved in this process. They have included the assistance of linguists in their research. They discovered that the so-called “junk DNA” is constructed in precisely the same way that our languages are with syntax and grammar. We can conclude from their research that human language has its origin in the life encoded within our very DNA, and has been transmitted into our consciousness. Could this be the result of the Gods providing us with consciousness? Empowering us with the ability to communicate with them and each other?

    If we take the three Runes representing DNA—Dagaz, nauthiz and Ansuz—we discover that the first of these Runes, Dagaz, represents light and the God Heimdall. Heimdall is known as the “White God,” and white is the totality of the light spectrum. Heimdall also is the guardian of Bifrost, the rainbow bridge. The rainbow is what we have when we break white light up into the various colors of the spectrum. Another nature of light is heat, and the rainbow bridge is often referred to as the fiery bridge. This is the second Rune, Nauthiz, the Rune of Need-Fire. The third Rune is Ansuz, the rune of communication, which is sound and the transmission of thought and consciousness. We can understand that Dagaz, light or enlightenment is transmitted through communication, Ansuz, and between them is the need to do so, which is Nauthiz. Thus, with us, within our DNA, is the need and means to communicate with the Gods.
    We know now that our DNA resonates not just with light, but also with sound. Remember—everything vibrates! This is how we can chant the Runes and use their frequencies to transform the world around us, as well as transform ourselves. Since our DNA resonates with both light and sound, it is possible to actually change our DNA through the vibrational qualities of the Runes. Thus, we can discover the soothing or harmful effects of all forms of music, as well as the spoken word. Here we have the nature of the Rune Ansuz revealed to us.









   Experiments were conducted in Japan using water crystals. Water crystals were exposed to different types of music. Dr. Masaru Emoto noticed that the shape of the water crystal changed when exposed to different types of music. This was true even when they were exposed to different words. Words would be written on a piece of paper and suspended on the water. Loving and kind words and certain types of music, such as classical music, produced beautiful crystalline shapes. This was true even when the same word was written is various languages. Angry and hatful words, and music such as gangster rap or hard Rock music produced bizarre images. Even the intend of the way the words were used caused different effects. It was as if the water “knew” the emotional intend of the way words and sounds were employed. This principle is behind the practice of chanting and prayer.
    Before going on with our exploration of DNA as a conductor, we need to take a look at the standard electrical coil that we find in our electric kettle. It has a conducting cable through which passes an electrical current. This produces an electromagnetic field, which in turn heats the water. This is illustrated for you in the picture to the left as the “Standard Coil.” But if we double the coil, by wrapping the coil in tight circles around a ring, some North and South electromagnetic fields cancel each other out. We see this in figure B, the “Bifilar Coil.” But if we configure the coils into a figure-eight shape known as the “Mobius Coil,” all the magnetic fields cancel each other out, leaving a magnetic vacuum. The same effect is produced by the “Torroid Coil.”This is a space beyond magnetism, like the space created between the MagLev train and the rail it rides over. This space is “entangled space” where connecting electrons of opposing spin opens to another dimension where energy exist outside our concepts of space and time, known by science as “free energy,” “zero-point energy,” and “scalar energy,” but Vrilology refers to it as Vril.

    You might ask, “What has this to do with the DNA?” Well, the double helical DNA is constructed of many tiny, but extremely powerful Mobius coils laid end to end. We now know that Vril energy is being transmitted by every molecule of DNA within every 50 trillion cells is continuously transmitting to receptors all around the body. You can image it working similar to an old-fashioned slide projector, which converts tiny transparent images onto a large screen. But unlike the slide projector, DNA is projecting Vril energy, which is other-dimensional scalar energy, instantly and holographically. But Vril in not being directed onto a flat screen, but throughout the entire the matrix of our three-dimensional body. A good analogy of how the DNA molecule holds with its fields, the total data of the entire body, is the hologram, where the smallest part holds all the information of the whole. The microscopic double helix of the DNA therefore leaves its imprint within the matrix of the whole body.

    Some scientists believe that there are differences between the 3-dimensional hologram and the DNA model, which acts as a projector for a 4-dimensional reality, as time itself is processed by this molecule. This takes us into speculation in the relationship of the shape of the Mobius Coil, which is a figure-eight and Dagaz.

    In both the Mobius Coil and Dagaz, we have the figure “Eight.” In is interesting that the Norse year is divided into eight parts. Thus, if we draw a circle and divide it into eight parts which is the symbol for the Norse year, we actually have a circle with nine points. The ninth point is located in the center with all other eight meet. These nine points represent, once again, the nine worlds of the Yggdrasill, The ninth point, located in the center, is Midgard, which is at the center of the cosmological diagram that the Yggdrasill represents. It is here that the natures and influences of all other eight realms converge and manifest themselves collectively. Thus, this is the center of reality, the place where consciousness can be transformed. But we inhabitants of Midgard might not necessarily recognize our realm as a place where we can achieve higher consciousness because it exists in a dimension that is “other worldly.”

    At first sight, when we observe the year divided into eight parts, we might not recognize the center as the ninth point. Nor would we understand its significance because its nature exists in a dimension that is beyond our three-dimensional sense of reality. But if we take the diagram of the Norse year circle divided into eight parts, we can grasp a better understanding of its nature.
    The illustrations of the nine points of the eight part division of the year and its significance in the extra dimensional reality can help us to better understand the extra dimensional nature of the Dagaz Rune. If we take the DNA helix, which is made of two strand coiling about each other like the Mobius Coil, and view it head-on, we can see that it looks like the eight-part yearly cicrle. Running down the center of the helix would be the ninth point, which would form an axis around which the double helix would twirl. Thus this would form the Yggdrasill. It is this vortex nature that Victor Schauberger, the Austrian engineer who tried to harness vril energy mechanically, used as the principle in his experiments, creating a convecting double vortex that created an implosion, and thus releasing infinite amounts of “free Vril energy.”

    We can see that our DNA, in additional to coordinating the construction of the physical structure of our bodies, using runic principles, dynamically constructs a map of the spirito-physical Soul, which the physical body is a part of its multi-dimensional nature, in the form of a holographic matrix. This ensures that the building blocks know where to piece themselves together both within the physical realm of Midgard and within the extra-physical realms of the other eight worlds of the Yggdrasill, which is depicted in the shape of the whirling double helix of the DNA. It is remarking to realize that our most ancient ancestors grasping the significance of the double-helix of the DNA, and the fundamental truth of our physical and spiritual growth and relationship with the Gods, long before Watson and Crick won their Nobel Prize for their discovery of the nature of the DNA.

    The nature of the complexity of the structure of this double-helix structure, involves trillions of information fields that are projected by our DNA, interacting with each other on a scale that is really beyond our wildest imagination, which send ripples of morphic fields of Vril (Life Energy) reverberating, not only throughout our physical body, like ripples on the surface of a lake (our bodies are made up mostly of water) but also throughout the Vril-powered energy field or Soul that extends outside or beyond the physical body. This creates a bound between the microcosm that exists within our selves with the macrocosm of the universe. So as our understanding of our DNA deepens, we can begin to perceive it as a vital link between our earth-bound (Midgard) mortal/physical body and the more ethereal realms (the other eight worlds of the Yggdrasill) of our immortal, timeless Soul, and the Gods who dwell within our DNA. It is no coincidence that the Mobius Coil, as well as Dagaz, have shapes similar to our double-helix DNA and is the classical sign of infinity.
If we were to turn the double-helix DNA on its side, and look through it, we see the Torroid Coil, and like the Torroid Coil, the magnetic fields are cancelled out. It is here, in the center, where the magnetic fields are cancelled out become an opening or window to another dimension—Asgard—where the Gods dwell. If we could shrink ourselves down and enter this realm, we would experience perfect alignment with the Gods. This would be a dimension where a state of perfect peace while all around us we would witness a fierce electrical storm raging. This perfected state is the order that the Gods establish and work to maintain. The electrical storm whirling about it is the forces of chaos that is represented by the Giants, who seek to storm Asgard, but are unable. It is into this realm of perfect alignment with the Gods that we seek to establish in Midgard.
Thus, to become a Vril Being is to evolve into a entity governed by peace and contentment, impervious to the world of pain and suffering whirling about you.
Achieve this state is what we mean by—BALDER RISING!

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