Rune Circle

fall and winter views

in the glen, near the hof

kindred founding ceremony

first formally recognized kindred of the Folk Faith of Balder Rising
founding ceremony, 2010

Vril Lord Will DeVito, hooded
Vril Lord Bob Blumetti with staff

Carol and Marek, backs to camera

Tom, pouring mead

Some followers of Balder Rising attended the 2010 Winter Night at the home of Bill McNamara.

Top left:  Dan Halloran, toasting with horn; foreground, Bill McNamara; background, Bob Blumetti.

Bottom right:  With no prior coordination (L-R), Bob Blumetti, Will DeVito, and Bob Goodman all wound up wearing the same color scheme.  But the real visual surprise came later (follow link).
Winter Night 2010

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